Prius no power

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Prius no power

The Toyota Prius Owner's Manual makes opening the rear door from the inside look easy. It's not a simple two step process.

Toyota Prius

It's bad enough that you got into your Toyota Prius, pressed the Power button, and nothing happened. It's made infuriating when you discover that your trunk lid doesn't open because that little black button that pops it up is battery operated.

Just like a regular car, there is a regular car battery under the hood. Open the hood, and you will find it under the black cover in the back, right corner. I've included a great video at the end of this article with step-by-step instructions to jump-start your Prius.

However, if you are awaiting roadside service or a friend with a car and jumper cables and you need to get into the trunk in the meantime, this is the problem I will show you how to solve. You probably tried to consult your owner's manual and found easy-looking instructions.

An easy two-step process: 1 remove the cover and 2 pull the lever. If you are reading this, you learned that 1 it's not an easy two-step process 2 there is nothing in your trunk that remotely resembles either of those diagrams and 3 it's not easy to get to the trunk when the rear door doesn't open.

Here's a step-by-step photographic guide to open your Prius trunk a. Push the button next to the seat belts on both rear seats and pull down the seat backs. To begin, you need access to your trunk from inside the car. Unless you are exceptionally small and Barbie doll thin, you will not fit through the narrow opening between the top of the rear seats and the inside of your roof.

Of course, this is where small children can come in handy, but that's the subject for another article. Press down on the button, and pull down the seat backs for both rear seats. Pull back the carpet to expose access to the tool box. Hopefully, you are one of those rare individuals that doesn't actually store anything in their car trunk. If you are not, step 1a is to empty your trunk.

Once empty, you can pull back the carpet to expose the toolbox. You are looking for the tiny fabric tab very near the rear door. You need to pull the tiny fabric tab near the rear door to open the tool box. Pull on that fabric tab to open the toolbox lid.We have expanded our hybrid battery warranty to reflect our confidence in the quality, dependability and reliability of our products. From the model year forward, every Toyota hybrid battery warranty will cover 10 years from date of first use ormiles, whichever comes first previously 8 years ormiles.

Available on select Toyotas. Screen depiction accurate at time of posting. It's easy to get where you're going with free voice-guided navigation, live traffic information, lane guidance and more. Do not use the audio multimedia system if it will distract you. With Alexa, you can ask to play music, listen to audiobooks, hear the news, check the weather, control smart home devices, get directions, find parking, and moreā€”all while you keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

Alexa lives in the cloud, so she is always getting smarter and updates are delivered automatically. The more you talk to Alexathe more she adapts to speech patterns, vocabulary and personal preferences. Choose from every channel in your vehicle and enjoy the deepest variety of music, ad-free.

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More Info. Vehicle shown using visual effects. Extra-cost color. See Prius. Swipe to Rotate. Electric Storm Blue. Build Local Specials. Find Your Prius Compare Models. Preview Features Build Your Own.

prius no power

Find Accessories. Payment Estimator. Options shown. Read Info Edition shown in Supersonic Red. Read More. Prius AWD- e system operates at speeds up to 43 mph. Do not overload your vehicle. See Owner's Manual for weight limits and restrictions. Enhanced Hybrid Battery Warranty We have expanded our hybrid battery warranty to reflect our confidence in the quality, dependability and reliability of our products.

Learn More. This electronic all-wheel-drive feature gives you four-wheel traction when you need it.Last Updated: October 8, References. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. There are 13 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewedtimes. Learn more Starting a Prius is not exactly like starting most older model vehicles.

prius no power

Many models of Prius come with a smart key that does not need to be inserted in the ignition. Instead, a power button engages the motor and allows you to start driving. If you are having issues getting your Prius started, make sure you are following the correct procedure before seeking repairs. With your foot on the brake, insert the key into the keyhole to the right of the steering wheel.

Keeping your foot on the brake, press the power button located to the right of the steering wheel and hold it for a second until you hear a beep. For more help, like how to find out if your smart key has been deactivated, read on. Did this summary help you? Yes No. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker.

Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Explore this Article methods. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Press your foot on the brake.

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The Toyota Prius is designed not to start until the driver presses their foot firmly on the brake. Insert the key. If your Toyota Prius came equipped with a smart key that does not need to be inserted, you simply need to have it in the vehicle while the engine is running. Otherwise, insert the key or key fob in the appropriate place to the right of the steering wheel.

In older Prius models, place the key into the ignition hole with the fob's buttons-side facing towards the roof of the car without turning the key. Press the power button. With your foot still firmly on the brake, press the power button to the right of the steering wheel.

prius no power

Hold the button for a second, and listen for a beep to let you know that the electrical engine is starting. The electric motor will start, but the gasoline one may not until it needs to. The display on the dashboard of the Prius will come on when the engine starts.

Take the vehicle out of park and put it into drive in order to begin driving. Method 2 of Ensure your foot is pressed firmly on the brake.Initially offered as a 4-door sedanit has been produced only as a 5-door fastback hatchback since The Prius first went on sale in Japan and other countries inand was available at all four Toyota Japan dealership chainsmaking it the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle.

InToyota expanded the Prius family to include the Prius van extended hatchback, and the Prius ca subcompact hatchback. The production version of the Prius plug-in hybrid was released in The second generation of the plug-in variant, the Prius Prime, was released in the U. Prius is a Latin word meaning "first", "original", "superior" or "to go before". In Latin prius is the neuter singular of the comparative form prior, prior, prius of an adjective with only comparative and superlative the superlative being primus, prima, primum.

As with all neuter words, the Latin plural is priorabut that brand name was used by the Lada Priora in InToyota debuted a hybrid concept car at the Tokyo Motor Showwith testing following a year later.

The first-generation Prius, at its launch, became the world's first mass-produced gasoline-electric hybrid car. Production commenced in December at the Takaoka plant in Toyota, Aichiending in February after cumulative production of 37, vehicles.

The NHW10 Prius styling originated from California designers, who were selected over competing designs from other Toyota design studios. Toyota sold aboutfirst-generation Priuses. The NHW11 Prius became more powerful partly to satisfy the higher speeds and longer distances that Americans drive. It became a compact liftback, sized between the Corolla and the Camrywith redistributed mechanical and interior space significantly increasing rear-seat legroom and luggage room.

Production commenced in August at the Tsutsumi plant in Toyota, Aichi[42] supplemented in October with the Fujimatsu plant at Kariya, Aichi. It was thought that the sales dropped as a result of both a lack of acceptance and increased competition. The Toyota Prius Hybrid was exported to China from Competition from lower priced hybrids, such as the Honda Insight, also made it difficult for Toyota to capitalize on the Prius's success. Among the new standard features of the Prius, Toyota introduced three optional user-selectable driving modes: EV mode for electric-only low-speed operation, Eco mode for best fuel efficiency, and Power mode for better performance.

This figure is disputed by General Motors which found the value for the model with inch wheels to be around 0. A new front-drive platform underpinned the car, although the wheelbase remained unchanged and overall length grew by a lone centimetre. Weight-saving aluminum was employed in the hood, rear hatch, front axle and brake calipers disc brakes were finally assigned to all four wheels.

In constructing the Prius, Toyota used a new range of plant-derived ecological bioplasticsmade out of cellulose derived from wood or grass instead of petroleum. The two principal crops used are kenaf and ramie.

Kenaf is a member of the hibiscus familya relative to cotton and okra; ramie, commonly known as China grass, is a member of the nettle family and one of the strongest natural fibres, with a density and absorbency comparable to flax. Toyota says this is a particularly timely breakthrough for plant-based eco-plastics because is the United Nations' International Year of Natural Fibres, which spotlights kenaf and ramie among others.

At its introduction init won the Car of the Year Japan Award for the second time. A iSeeCars study ranked the Prius as the second longest-kept vehicle among U. The fourth-generation Prius was first shown during September in Las Vegas, [65] and was released for retail customers in Japan on December 9, The car has been in the shop for over a week but they need to duplicate the problem and of course it did not happen till the last day. He went to turn the car on and it would not start.

They replaced the battery and everything was fine and dandy, till it happened yet again same problems.

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While driving the radio resets and the Toyota logo comes on. It happened again last night while driving home and when I got home I got out of car and tried to lock with no success.

How to Open Your Toyota Prius Trunk (a.k.a Boot) When Your Battery Is Dead

I tried manually locking, tried turning the car back on with no success. No symbols pop up so I cant even tie it to a code. I walked away for a couple of seconds several times, after the third time it finally turned on and was able to turn on and off the car and lock. If you have a for-profit service, contact us. Ask your Toyota dealer.

How to Re-Start Your Second Generation Prius

Most Common Solutions: not sure 1 reports. Find something helpful? Spread the word. Share on Facebook Retweet this page Email this page. Helpful websites No one has added a helpful site for this Prius problem yet. Be the first! Find a good Toyota mechanic Read reviews of repair shops in your area. Enter your zip code: A free service from CarTalk. Send Comment Add Complaint. Not what you are looking for? Search for something else:.Nobody wants their car to suddenly stop working.

Unfortunately, Toyota recalled around 75, of their Prius cars because of some technical issues that were causing them to stall. Not every single Prius will stall, but if you have a model, it may be a common occurrence. Occasionally, a Prius will just refuse to start normally. If you find yourself unable to start your Prius, you may just need to reboot the computer, similar to when your computer freezes and you have to power it down and then restart it.

Hold the Start button down with your index finger for at least 45 seconds. Step 2: Restart the car. Start the car normally after the system has rebooted by pushing down on the brake and pressing the Start button again. You will need to jump start it, if possible, and then have the battery checked at an autoparts store. Step 1: Open the hood. To open the hood, pull the hood release lever.

You should hear the it release and pop open. Step 2: Connect the positive jumper cable to your battery. Connect the positive red or orange cable to the battery of the stalled Prius. Step 3: Connect the second pair of jumper cables. Attach the other positive and negative cables to a car with a working battery.

Step 4: Charge the battery in the stalled car. Start the car with the working battery and let it run for about 5 minutes so that the stalled battery can recharge. Step 5: Restart the Prius like normal.

Car Wont Start, Lock, Unlock, No Power

If the same thing happens, your car may need to be towed and have the battery replaced. Another frequent occurrence with the Prius is that it will suddenly lose power while it is moving, and all of the warning lights on the dashboard will illuminate, including the Check Engine light. Step 1: Pull off to the side of the road. Step 2: Press down on the brake and the Start button.

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prius no power

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How To: Toyota Prius Dashboard Lights Won't Turn On - Easy Fix!

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